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Travel in Thailand | Wat Indharaviharn

Originally called Wat Rai Phrik, the Wat Indharaviharn is a class-three temple (class-three is the lowest of the four classes) constructed at the beginning of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The temple’s main attraction is the Luang Pho To or “Phra Si Ariyamettrai”, a 32-meter high statue covered in gold leaf. People often walk to its feet and place offerings made up of mackerel, flowers, etc. There are also plenty of other altars around the temple complex, especially in the “Ubosot” or ordination hall. There are also several other shrines dedicated to other bodhisattvas. Enjoy some of the pictures I took below. The temple is also featured in my Thailand Part I video!

Standing Buddha
Luang Pho To – Phra Si Ariyamettrai
Ornate Window
Ornate Window – Temple Complex

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