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Jumping over Walls | The Great Wall of China

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted anything. It may seem I haven’t been diligently gathering content, but that’s not it. I’ve actually been in mainland China for the past month or so, so the internet situation isn’t very ideal. Combine slow internet and the great firewall and accessing sites like Instagram or Facebook is a pain (that’s where jumping over the wall comes from).  

But finally, I’ve had some time to put together some content. This post will be an update post, with the Great Wall of China as a backdrop. It’s actually a really quick (not really) climb/walk up so I’ll leave the details to the end. But for now, why am I in China. 

If you’ve been around long enough, you know I attended National Taiwan University’s International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) last year. This program I’m attending now, Princeton in Beijing (PiB), is very similar. An intensive summer program designed to get your Chinese to a higher level. I attended PiB in preparation for next year (I’ll cover in more detail in a future post). 

Standing on the Wall
Conquering the Wall | The Great Wall of China
Great Wall Cannons
Wall Defense | Great Wall Cannons
The Great Wall
Finally Up The Wall | The Great Wall Extends

That all means that more China content will be coming at you guys. Not a lot more, since when I say PiB is intense, I mean it. There’s not a lot of free time to be enjoyed. But at the very least, you can enjoy some of these Great Wall Photos. 

The place we went to was 金山岭长城 or jīnshānlǐng. Apparently fewer tourists go to this section of the wall, so we were excited to be one of the few there. Of course, it was like 200 of us attending so maybe not that few people. We took some buses provided by PiB to the main entrance. Then walked a long way through some yellow, wooden bridges, down a long, long road, until we arrived at the foot of the wall. It was actually very commercialized, with carts ferrying people willing to pay up, and many vendors and small restaurants all the way up. Not the Great Wall I envisioned but nice nonetheless. 

I think for the rest of this post, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. I also have a drone video up on my Instagram live tv so check that out. I’m thinking of uploading the 4K version on my YouTube so if I end up doing that, that’ll show up here. Make sure you follow @onethingoneweek and check back next week for some more content. 

A Different View | The Great Wall
A Different View | The Great Wall
Little Great Wall Store
A Great Shop | Atop the Great Wall
Take only your memories...
Take only your memories…

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