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A Modern Experience | The Guggenheim

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is located at 1071 fifth avenue, right across the Central Park at the corner of 89th street. It has a continuously expanding collection of Modern art. Well actually, it includes Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, early Modern and Contemporary art, but a lot of what we saw was Modern Art. It seems we are really good at picking bad days to visit places, as the spiral staircase was closed for construction and some exhibits were not bailable for viewing.

The Hive | Quick One on the Hudson Yards

We went over to the Hudson Yards as a class project. Basically, we were acting as tour guides, guiding a group of Chinese tourists from our first stop at the Chelsea Hotel to our last stop at Hudson Yards. And when I mean group, I mean one, single tourist. Bad weather means most people who agreed to go canceled on us.

Signs Of Spring | Brooklyn Bridge Park

The transition from Winter to Spring happens quickly and suddenly. I find myself walking through cold, barren streets when suddenly I’m greeted by budding trees or flowers. By that time, more and more plants have started to sprout. This is that time, well into spring and surrounded by greenery.​

Westchester Trip Part 2 | Untermeyer Gardens ​

Let’s talk about some history. Before it was known as Untermeyer Gardens, it was a part of an estate called “Greystone”. Back then, it was owned by presidential candidate Samuel Tilden. (Side note, that election was one of the instances where a candidate won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote.)​

A Westchester Trip Pt 1 | Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow. Many people have heard of the “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, a story about the headless horseman popularized by Washington Irving. Irving was a resident of the village of Sleepy Hollow and used the village as the setting for the tale of the headless specter. Because of the story and it’s historical roots, Sleepy Hollow is considered one of the most haunted places in America.

Struggling to Get a Hold | Brooklyn Boulders

When I’m short on ideas for the week’s #onethingoneweek, I do one of two things. Sometimes, I immediately get on Google and search up interesting locations to go to or interesting things to do. More often, however, I get on Groupon and see what I can find. Sometimes you get great finds like today’s deal on Bouldering. $32 gave me two full days of bouldering fun, and this is day one.

Late Night Out on the (China)Town | STAX

That’s right, we’re exploring Chinatown again. But this time, we’re here at night. I took out my iPhone and was ready to shoot some interesting shots. The thing is, I got too caught up seeing everything for myself and missed all the good shots. At least, at the end of the time, we found a cool ice cream shop.

Between Worlds | Two Manhattan Neighborhoods

NYC, it’s a big place. You’ve got tons of people from all over the world, all spread out among different neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods are rich in a certain group, every street infused with their spice, their culture. Some neighborhoods look a bit rundown, yet oh so full of life. Others are busy, full of expensive name brand stores, yet devoid of life. Sometimes, two different worlds are just a short walk across.

Failed Urban Exploration | Industry City

My original plan for this week was to do some urban exploration. However, my plan ended in failure, sort of. I wanted to go to the old grain terminal in Redhook, Brooklyn. The building was built in 1922, decommissioned in ’65, and has been vacant since. After some research, I was really excited to explore this old terminal. Through research, I also found the best way to enter undetected. I say “undetected”, because it would technically be trespassing. However, after my exploration buddy heard you can get fined, he chickened out (you know who you are!)

Ultimate Greenwich Village Ghost Tour

This week, I took part in a ghost tour around Greenwich Village. The company offering the tour was Boroughs Of The Dead, a “tour company devoted to strange, dark, and macabre tours of New York City.” Our tour guide, Andrea Janes, is the founder and owner of Boroughs Of The Dead. Her knowledge of New York City history and her animated, creative storytelling made the whole experience one to remember.