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Late Night Out on the (China)Town | STAX

That’s right, we’re exploring Chinatown again. But this time, we’re here at night. I took out my iPhone and was ready to shoot some interesting shots. The thing is, I got too caught up seeing everything for myself and missed all the good shots. At least, at the end of the time, we found a cool ice cream shop.

歡迎來到華埠 | Chinatown
歡迎來到華埠 | Welcome to Chinatown

I think STAX describe themselves best;

“When it comes to things we are passionate about, quality and creativity instantly come to mind.”

Although I went bland this time, STAX does it all. Just go ahead and scroll through the #staxicecream hashtag. You’ll see colorful scoops, ice-cream filled doughnuts, and unicorns.

Stax Duo | Cornflake Bourbon and Snickerdoodle
Stax Duo | Cornflake Bourbon and Snickerdoodle

That about sums up today’s blog post. I’d like to sign off with a quote from STAX’s website;

“…take a break, and celebrate the sweet moments in life.”


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