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Travel in Taiwan | Shenao Elephant Trunk

If you’re based around Taipei or Northern Taiwan, or even if you’re just passing through, Shenao Elephant Trunk is a cool place to visit! Shenao is a fishing harbor located in Ruifang, New Taipei. The Elephant Trunk is a geologic formation and you can visit it from the port. Before 2020, you could actually climb onto the rock and take pictures. Unfortunately, they have hired a guard to prevent visitors from getting too close to the edge. However, you can still enjoy the view and take pictures with the Elephant Trunk. Check below for more location information.

The way I decided to get to the harbor was to take the train (TRA) from Taipei to Ruifang. From there, I just took an Uber from the train station to the harbor. This is the quickest, and more importantly, the most reliable way to get there. Next, you just follow the signs up to the Rock. You’ll walk through some large boulders along a beach and you’ll notice an island across the water. Eventually, you’ll walk up to a cliff with various strange rock formations on it. Of course, the Elephant Trunk Extends from it.

Speaking of Elephant Trunk, why is it called that? The geological formation looks remarkably similar to a large elephant, trunk and all. Because of its appearance, people used to line up to climb on top and take pictures. For now, you can still enjoy the view from afar. Do you think its name is accurate? Does it actually look like an elephant? Let me know below!

Close-Up | Shenao Elephant Trunk

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