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Travel in Taiwan | Longdong Scuba Diving

1. Location

Let’s talk about where we’re going exactly. Longdong is located at the northeast corner of Taiwan, to the east of Jilong (next to 鼻頭角 if you know). While next to Jilong, Longdong is technically in New Taipei City. It is a popular spot for locals and tourists to go scuba diving or try cliff jumping. There’s a place nearby that rents out gear (I’ll talk about it below). It’s not too difficult to get there; there’s actually a couple of ways to get there. We took a bus to Taipei Main Station, and then the 1811 Bus right to Longdong. Remember, Google is your best friend. I’ve left a map below for you :)

2. Rental Gear

We got our rental gear at Ama Say or 阿嬤洗. I don’t remember the exact pricing but it wasn’t too expensive. Their lockers were kinda small so be careful bringing anything too large. They gave us everything we needed including the goggles, life vests, snorkel gear, etc. From there, we just went straight to the shore, following the way along a rocky beach. I wasn’t prepared for a mini-hike though, so brace yourself (it wasn’t actually that bad, I’m just lazy)! Eventually, you’ll come out to the rocky shore and see the view of the large cliffs in front.

3. (Mini) Cliff Jumping

At this point, it’s free rein. You can try cliff jumping or snorkel/swim around. If you want to snorkel, I suggest bringing some bread or something like that so you can feed the fish. In terms of Cliff jumping, you have three altitudes to choose from. The baby one at the beginning, and the medium and tall ones across the water. We didn’t try the bigger ones this time, but there were plenty of people there. And that’s it for our trip to Longdong. I leave you with some more pics from the trip. Also, make sure you stay tuned for the next post, where we continue off to the Luodong Night Market.

Scuba Diving Feeding Fish
Feeding the Fish | First Time Scuba

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