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Failed Urban Exploration | Industry City

My original plan for this week was to do some urban exploration. However, my plan ended in failure, sort of. I wanted to go to the old grain terminal in Redhook, Brooklyn. The building was built in 1922, decommissioned in ’65, and has been vacant since. After some research, I was really excited to explore this old terminal. Through research, I also found the best way to enter undetected. I say “undetected”, because it would technically be trespassing. However, after my exploration buddy heard you can get fined, he chickened out (you know who you are!)

Industry City Gate
The Gate | Industry City

After my initial plan ended in failure, I decided to head to Industry City. One night after taking the wrong exit on the BQE, we stumbled across Industry City. The Industry City complex was so close to us, but we never noticed it before. Industry City was originally Bush Terminal, the largest multi-tenant industrial complex in the US. Industry City is currently undergoing renovation to modernize the historic complex.

Tower and Playground at Industry City
The Playground | Industry City

While driving by Industry City, we heard music and saw a crowd of people gathering by one of the gates. Upon further investigation, it was some kind of music festival to raise money for various charities. Each ticket would run around $20, so we quickly vacated. The industrial complex had some movement in and out, but most of it was workers. Some of the inside gates seemed interesting, but again we didn’t want to trespass.

The Fire Escape, Industry City
The Fire Escape | Industry City

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