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Day #25 – Empty Day | Walk Around the Neighborhood

Today was another of those slow days. The most notable thing I did today was sign up for the gym. I signed up to the world gym in gongguan,Taipei. The gym was huge, occupying the 2-5 floor of a large building next to the train station. The sad thing about Taipei is, finding a decent gym is impossible. So besides this gym, pickings were slim.

In terms of price, it was a bit crazy. After a bit of haggling, or 講價(jiang3jia4) we brought it down to a one time fee of 500, two months at 1088 and a month advance of 1088(all prices in NTD). This brought the total to NT$3764 or roughly $125. For two months, it’s definitely steep. However, it beats the NTU gym by leaps and bounds. Although today’s video wasn’t great, I did record a little around the neighborhood.

Link to today’s video:

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