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Home » Day #24 – Hiking at Sandiaoling三貂嶺

Day #24 – Hiking at Sandiaoling三貂嶺

It’s trip day again. This time, we went to Sandiaoling, 三貂嶺(san1diao1ling3) to hike. By the way, to hike in Mandarin is 爬山(pa2shan1) or literally to “climb mountain”.

Our main purpose in going to Sandiaoling was to make it to see the waterfall or 瀑布(pu4bu4). After an hour or two of walking along slippery rocks, ducking under branches, and scaling unstable slopes, we made it to the waterfall. My goal was to fly my drone up, but sadly the waterfall was too strong and the air was filled with moisture.

My thoughts on today? I think it was a bit underwhelming. After getting all sweaty and dirty, the waterfall wasn’t worth it I think. I did get some nice pictures, but it wasn’t great. It may be because I was stuck behind a few people who were too slow. Next Saturday’s hike should be a bit nicer. Of course, to see for yourself check out today’s vlog.

Link to today’s vlog:

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