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Day #21 | Walking through Da’an Park

Today’s interesting thing for the day, besides class of course, was walking around Da’an Park. Da’an Park is to Taiwan as what Central Park is to NY, the cities lung where residents can trade the steel and cement of the city for some luscious green.

Da’an Forest Park, or 大安森林公園(da4an1sen1lin2gong1yuan2), was built in 1994 by Mayor Chen Shui Bian(陳水扁, chen2shui3bian3). Besides two ponds, pavilions, and strolling paths, Da’an Park also has an Amphitheater(圓形劇場, yuan2xing2ju4chang3), children’s playground(兒童樂園), and skating rink(溜冰場, liu1bing1chang3).

Much like New York’s Central Park, Da’an Park has many neighboring buildings that fetch a high price, the most recent one being sold for 12 million USD.

After exploring the park for a while, my knee started aching. Earlier that day, someone abruptly walked into the bike lane and caused me to fall over and bang up my knee. As a result, I had to limp a bit. So, you can enjoy some clips of the Park in my latest blog, but I’ll be sure to come back and explore more thoroughly.

Link to today’s vlog:

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