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Home » Day #16 – Picking Class Schedule | Gongguan公馆 Night Market | Ximending

Day #16 – Picking Class Schedule | Gongguan公馆 Night Market | Ximending

Just like most days, I began by heading over to the school. Today, I was picking up my class schedule and textbooks. My schedule is from 10:00-6:00, so while I have to stay late at least I can sleep a little longer. Afterward, I spent the afternoon watching TV. My evening, however, was a bit more fun.

In the evening, we biked over to the Gongguan Night Market or 公馆夜市(gong1guan3ye4shi4). It is located right next to the Gongguan train station, yet we had never gone there. We browsed around a bit, bought some food, such as scallion pancakes, and just general 逛街(guang4jie1), aka strolling around/window-shopping. When we were finished at Gongguan, we moved it on over to Ximending.

Ximending is a shopping district, a little bit northwest of Da-an. And, fun fact, it was the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan. Now, Ximending is like the Time Square of Taipei; there are large billboards everywhere, bright lights, lots of shopping, and lots of people. We had actually been here on one of our first days here, but this is the first time there at night. At night, there are definitely more people.

While the day was slow, the night really made up for it.

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