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Day #14 – Morning Meeting | Nighttime Ride

It seems as if the beginning of every day begins with a meeting or lecture. And that’s because they usually do; today was no exception. When we left the ICLP building, we decided to make our way to the Post Office. At the PO, I could open up a bank account for my scholarship. It was a simple process, requiring only my 护照(hu4zhao4, passport), ARC#, and name seal. Once we were done with that, we went back home.


A while after, we went to a convenience store a little while away called 顶好(ding3hao3, very good), or wellcome (they use two “l”s). Its like any other store you might find in the US, or specifically NY, but they are a bit hard to come by here. Also, the prices were not super inflated. I walked away with a tub of ice cream and some mochi. When it was time to break fast, I ate my mochi and a sandwich I bought at 小七(xiao3qi1, 711) while I made dinner. Then, we rested before heading out to the gym.


On the way back, Janette was waiting for us to head out. We rented some YouBikes again and headed to a 24 hour 牛肉面 (niu2rou4mian4, beef noodle) shop. The food wasn’t super great; the food lacked some seasoning. The soup was akin to drinking spicy water, and the beef tasted like Chef Boyardee. However, I enjoyed the bike ride there (notwithstanding my poor bike riding skills). While the meal wasn’t great, the company I enjoyed it with was.

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