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Day #12 – Dadaocheng (大稻埕) | Shilin (士林) Night Market

We packed many things into today. First, we made our way over to the 大稻埕 district in the south of Taipei. This district is one of the oldest in the area. First, a brief introduction.

Dadaocheng, or Twatutia as some might call it, is one of the oldest districts in Taipei. It was an important trading port during the Kuomintang era and is now a historical site and shopping district. Many tea shops opened up during the establishment of the district when tea export became important. As a result, you’ll find many special tea shops with long history throughout the district.

We visited several of these tea shops and many of the other historical sites in the area. Our last stop on the itinerary was the Ningxia night market or 宁夏夜市. However, we decided to forego the night market since it wasn’t exactly nighttime. Instead, we went back to the dorm to wait until a little later, when we would go to the Shilin night market.

The night market was huge. It consisted of a bunch of winding roads of food carts, drinks stalls, and shopping outlets. Dumplings, buns, seafood, smoothies, could be seen around every corner. This market, compared to the Banqiao one, had a lot more clothing, especially brand names like Nike, Addidas, etc.

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