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Day #09 – Redemption | Our First Movie | Meat Shopping

I think today made up for yesterday. We started the day off with a formal orientation of the ICLP program. We were also forced to officially make the language pledge, by signing some papers. Afterward, we skipped out on the campus tour. We had to get some other things done so we opted out.

Instead of the campus tour, we walked toward the closest Halal butcher we could find. It was a 20-minute walk, but it was a brutal walk nonetheless, especially having walked a while in the sun already. We came across a neat little theater, so we decided to stop and watch Deadpool 2. Deadpool was Janette and Rauful’s first date, so it was special for them. I kind of ruined it by third wheeling but oh well.

Finally, we made it to Thomas Meats. It had a pretty good selection, for a very fair price. We bought enough for the week and made our way back. But this time, we used the bus. Ain’t nobody got time for the walk back.

When we got home, we played some card games with our suitemates, until it was time to break our fast. The last thing we did was head to the park for a run. I was dying by the end of it, but hopefully, I’ll feel less dead the next time.

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