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Day #08 – Reset Day

This morning, we met up with our teacher and walked around the neighboring area for a couple hours. She showed us around and told us exactly where to do what. The workout from last night, together with the fasting, and the sun and walking got me pretty beat. I decided to just head back to the suite and relax.

I took the chance today to recharge a bit and get some stuff done. I took care of laundry and did the homework for the next three days.

We ended the day by going to the gym, and then getting lost on the way back.

A few days ago, I promised I would do something memorable or thrilling every day. I think I broke that today. While I do feel a bit sad that today wasn’t as eventful as other days, it was much-needed rest. Hopefully, when we stop fasting we’ll have more energy to explore.

In the spirit of keeping up a daily vlog, here’s the link. P.S. its in Chinese

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