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Day #07 – Office of the President + LongShan Temple

Today we went on a trip to two places. For the first trip, we took the MRT train over to the Office of the President. The Office of the President was constructed in 1912 in Japan-ruled Taiwan, during the Meiji period. Because of this, the architecture was influenced by western architecture. The building used to house the Governor-General of Taiwan Province, but is now a historical landmark.

Inside, we saw many artifacts and historical items pertaining to the building, as well as more contemporary political allusions. The best part was a Japanese photograph collaboration, where many Japanese and Taiwanese photographs taken by the same Japanese photographer were showcased side by side.

Once we finished at the President’s Office, we took the train over to the LongShan Temple, or dragon mountain temkple. For more info on the temple, make sure to watch the vlog. The temple was beautiful, and the juxtaposition between the more traditional style architecture against the urban backdrop was interesting.

Link to Today’s Vlog:

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