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Day #06 – Brutal Placement Test

Most of today was dedicated to placement exams. Our exams consisted of three parts: an oral exam, done in person; a listening exam, based off of recordings; and, a reading exam which tested reading comprehension and vocabulary. I was most worried about the oral exam, as I often freeze when asked questions in Chinese, but the two nice ladies I spoke to made it really easy to answer.

Later in the afternoon, all of us sat together to take the listening and reading test. I already know I have to work on my listening, but wow was that hard. I found myself asking myself what even was I listening to. The reading part was not much better, especially towards the end where many people even failed to answer the questions.

When we finished the exams, it was around 4 pm. So, we decided to go check out the NTU sports center and hit the gym. After a slightly complicated start, we were greeted with a decently sized, yet way overcrowded, lifting area. Also, the weights they had did not go up very high, so getting some heavy lifts in was a bit problematic. However, we made due with what we had and finished our workout. We ended the night with some more halal Indonesian food. The worst part about today was getting scolded by my teacher about j-walking. Apparently, in Taiwan, that’s a big no-no.

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