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Day #04 – Banqiao Megacity Mall | Ximen Shopping District

It was a nice day today. Our friend Nicky joined us for the first time today. We decided to go to Megacity, a large mall in Banqiao for breakfast. Or at least while the girls ate, Rauful and I would wander around since we’re fasting. While they ate, we looked through all nine floors of the Megacity mall.

The mall was reminiscent of western style malls, with many western brands and styles. However, everything was marked up like crazy. I tried to buy a protein shake, and it was around $100 USD for a 2-pound jar. Regular shirts went for forty, fifty dollars, cheap shoes in the hundred price range, just insane prices. We did manage to find a cheap bookstore and bought some books.

After exploring the mall a bit, we got bored and went outside for some air, where we waited for Janette, Nicky, and Angela. When they exited, they decided to continue on to the shopping district, 西门(xi1men2). Ximen was huge, similar to times square, with more people. We walked around, got some stuff, and walked around some more. When it was close to the time we were supposed to break the fast, we bought some bubble tea and some food to have.

We ended the night walking to a park a few blocks away. There was a nice breeze as we loafed around at the park. While we weren’t doing anything extraordinary, being around your friends in a nice little area was thrill enough for that day.

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