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Home » Day #03 – Picking up Janette at the airport + Exploring the National Palace

Day #03 – Picking up Janette at the airport + Exploring the National Palace

Today began just like any other day, walking out the hostel in no particular direction, to do some exploring. This time, we walked in a different direction than yesterday, making sure to explore routes we hadn’t before. After some time walking, we had to go pick up our friend, Janette, at the airport.

It was the first time taking Taiwanese public transportation, and it was pretty straightforward. Everything was clearly organized and anything we didn’t know, we just looked on Google Maps or asked somebody. Compared to the MTA, trains ran on time, everything was clean, and nothing smelled of urine or dirtiness. It was a world of difference. Also, many people could be seen just scanning their card to get in, rather than swiping a card. It was a world of difference compared to the MTA.

After we picked Janette up, went back to the hostel for her to drop her stuff off and get some rest. We decided to go off to the 故宫(gu4gong1) or national palace to take a look at it. After three trains/buses and one hour later, we arrived at the palace. It was amazing to look at! Surrounded by beautiful trees, the brilliant architecture really popped out. On the inside, there were exhibits on Chinese art that featured jade, calligraphy, and carvings. The best part for me was the hanging scroll on display, which featured calligraphy against prominent drawings. Many had a rich blue color which was powerful yet subdued.

After we finished at the palace, we took the bus back to the train station. Before we went to take the train, we decided to get some hot pot. I got the cheese base, with veggies and steak loin. It was decent, but I’ve had better. Finally, we went back to the hostel and called it a night.

Honestly, everyday is a new adventure and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

Link to today’s vlog.

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