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Day #0 – An Introduction

As I sit here working on this blog, taking a break from packing, I think I should write my first blog post. This will serve as an introduction, a segway into my daily blog. I know not where this thing will take me, who will read this, or if anyone will really care, yet this is something I promised I would do.

First, why name this “thethrillabroad”? Kinda cheesy right? For me, the “thrill” is something I get when trying something fresh, new, exciting. You get “thrill” from new experiences, from new sights, from new friends. I guess if I put “thrill” right in the title, I HAVE to do something exciting. I will have to force myself to make the best of my time abroad.

As a Gilman Scholar,  I have to complete an On-Service Project. This means I have to craft something in order to attract more people to study abroad, and/or to consider the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship. I thought, ‘Why not fulfill my requirement and leave a lasting memory at the same time?’

So, I decided to vlog my experience in Taiwan. ‘But wait, this isn’t a vlog’ you might be thinking to yourself. Right you are. I figured I might not be able to record every day, so having some form of record is better than none. Also, as part of the ICLP, we have a language pledge to speak only Mandarin, thus this is also a form to circumvent that little problem.

In short, this blog will help me find “thrill” every day and allow me to look back and relive that “thrill”.

If you read this far, congrats! I hope to find something exciting every day, and be able to share it with you!

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