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Signs Of Spring | Brooklyn Bridge Park

The transition from Winter to Spring happens quickly and suddenly. I find myself walking through cold, barren streets when suddenly I’m greeted by budding trees or flowers. By that time, more and more plants have started to sprout. This is that time, well into spring and surrounded by greenery.

Some trees are naturally more special or unique than others. One of the most special signs of spring is blossoming Cherry Blossoms. You can see Cherry Blossoms throughout Brooklyn’s various parks and neighborhoods, but many people choose to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. That’s a stop for another day, today we’re at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre park by the East River. There are various piers, ferry’s, and stores accessible from the park. Perhaps what attracts the most amount of people each day is the view of the Manhattan skyline. The Brooklyn Bridge Park offers an unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Cherry Blossom
Signs of Spring | Cherry Blossom
Shake Shack Building
Misnomer? | Shake “Shack”

During my nights working construction, I would often pass by the Brooklyn Bridge Park and catch a glimpse of that view on the BQE. Sometimes, I wondered what the consequence would be just throwing my hazards on and stepping out to take some pics. Of course, I never did that since I wasn’t around late enough to avoid traffic.

The view that day was not the same view I would see every night. Mostly, it was because it was daytime and cloudy. I think I must visit this park at night next time, to enjoy the shining Manhattan skyline. But back to the Blossoms for now.

As we walked toward the park entrance, we immediately noticed the Cherry Blossoms. We weren’t the only ones there to enjoy them, as many people were snapping pictures or posing in front of them. After a quick picture session, we continued towards the park. I tried to take pictures of any interesting architecture or scenes as I walked. The building above a shake shack was particularly appealing.

Brooklyn Bridge at an angle
No Park without the | Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Park Bathroom House
Interesting Architecture | Public Bathroom?

Interesting Architecture

A Public Bathroom?

Once we were by the shoreline, we walked until we where somewhere the pictures would look ok. All of us took turns taking pictures of each other, posing together, and goofing off. Of course, only the pictures with me in them made the cut😉.

As we made our way out of the park, we came across a rather friendly squirrel and a group of people surrounding it. They were feeding the squirrel, and it was calmly receiving all the snacks and attention. As everyone gathered to take video and pictures, the squirrel wasn’t bothered one bit. I think I can write an entire post about friendly NYC animals. Maybe I should keep that in mind for later.

That brings us to the end of this week’s #onethingoneweek. Looking at the Cherry Blossoms was a beautiful reminder that spring is already here. This day was a good day to not just admire the big things like the skyline, but things like our friends, buildings, and a friendly squirrel. For your #onethingoneweek, don’t let the big things distract you, enjoy the little ones too.

A Hungry Creature | Friendly NYC Squirrel
A Hungry Creature | Friendly NYC Squirrel

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