When I’m short on ideas for the week’s #onethingoneweek, I do one of two things. Sometimes, I immediately get on Google and search up interesting locations to go to or interesting things to do. More often, however, I get on Groupon and see what I can find. Sometimes you get great finds like today’s deal on Bouldering. $32 gave me two full days of bouldering fun, and this is day one.

The Entrance

Brooklyn Boulders

This is only my second time Bouldering. Sadly, even V1 beats the crud out of me. Mostly, my body-weight works against me, rocking me off the handholds. Still, I muster as much strength as I can in my forearms, and climb on. That leads to some unfortunate tendonitis for me, but still, I press onward.

The “Daunting” V1

Planning my Ascent

This weeks #onethingoneweek is relatively short. I have more exciting things planned for the coming weeks, but I think we can get one (cheesy) lesson from this week. In life, just like when you’re bouldering, sometimes you can’t find the next handhold or the path doesn’t seem obvious. But if you press on, you’ll grab onto that next hold and keep on climbing. For this weeks #onethingoneweek, do something that brings you up a little higher, if only literally.

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