Today’s post is a quick one. Why? Because of the mounting pressure from finals week. Honestly, I don’t have time to dedicate to a post right now, there are three finals I have to study for over this weekend. But, that’s the life of a pre-med student.

We went over to the Hudson Yards as a class project. Basically, we were acting as tour guides, guiding a group of Chinese tourists from our first stop at the Chelsea Hotel to our last stop at Hudson Yards. And when I mean group, I mean one, single tourist. Bad weather means most people who agreed to go canceled on us.

Sadly, this was a school project and our goal was to act professionally. Therefore, I did not take any pictures. I feel like I should have thought ahead and taken more pictures. Still, I hope you’re content with the cover and the picture of the sky below (readded cover photo for a better view). Also, stay tuned for next week and the regularly scheduled content.


Sky at Hudson Yards

The Hive

Hudson Yards

Alejandro Daily Life

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